Application Monitor


Activity Reporter has an Application Monitoring feature which constantly checks the processes previously chosen by the user.

Captures Application Activity


With Acitivity Reporter get the screen shots anytime on your PC. Choose the quality option to save the images.

Safe and Secure


Keep your child safe and secure by having a constant check on them. Keep them safe from Internet predator and bullies.

Captures clipboard contents


Activity Logger can even captures copy paste activity on your PC, empowering you to check copy paste material on your PC.

Logging of Working Hours


Activity Logger is a smart program for parents to control their children's computer usage and maximizing their work efficiency.

Giving you the tools


Activity Reporter is a particular tool for parents to keep a check on children specially between the age of 3-14 year while they are playing or using their programs.

Activity Reporter is a very important tool!

For the right parenting and proper guidance of your child this tool is a must, which works silently on your computer and helps you in guiding them.

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Activity Reporter alerts you about the wrong activities, so you can save your child from getting exposed to unwanted content and also keep them safe from internet predators and bullies.

Activity Reporter will maximize the efficiency of time of your child on internet. You can keep a track on chats, mails, clipboard or application usages, which will help you in guiding your little ones on the right path.

Power of Activity Reporter

Activity Reporter creates a log for your computer usage and can also give screenshots of the work. You can even get the tracked log on your email id, empowering your accessibility. An open internet is unsafe for children and parenting in this digital era is a difficult task. A tool like Activity Reporter is a need of hour for correct guidance of children.

Now your child can access internet anytime safely and Activity reporter will silently keep an eye on him/her. It cannot be removed or stopped without your permission.

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